Download LeDock v1.0 Molecular Docking Software

September 14, 2021| Chemist
Download LeDock

LeDock software  free download is a tool for molecular docking and LeDock is based on simulated annealing and evolutionary optimization of the ligand pose and its rotatable bonds, using a physics knowledge-based scoring scheme derived from years of prospective virtual screening campaigns.

LeDock software in the field of predicting ligand-protein interactions in molecular docking. This software completely and accurately performs calculations related to molecular docking and drug design in a graphical environment without the slightest error. The LeDock software is designed for fast and accurate flexible connection of small molecules to a protein. LeDock software uses the SYBYL Mol2 format directly as input for small molecules. The graphical version of the Windows operating system dramatically simplifies the simplest advanced implementation methods for pharmacists.

Download LeDock


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