Download Mnova StereoFitter 1.1.1

June 4, 2021| Chemist
Download Mnova StereoFitter 1.1.1

 Mnova StereoFitter free download Specialized chemistry software for 3D analysis provides a variety of chemical structures based on NMR spectroscopy data.Mnova StereoFitter  advanced tool for 3D conformational and configurational analysis using experimental constraints from NMR spectra.

Mnova StereoFitter computes the probability of 3D structural configurations and/or conformations, based on various forms of NMR experimental data input. Currently, StereoFitter can accept four distinct types of input in order to calculate the best 3D structure candidate(s): NOEs, RDCs, Js, and chemical shifts.


  • A license of Mnova NMR (version ≥14.1.1) is required for Mnova StereoFitter
  • Not available in the ‘Advanced Plugins’ panel until installed

Download Mnova StereoFitter (windows)

Download Mestrelab Research Mnova + License


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