Download Open Babel 3.1.1 x64

August 19, 2021| Chemist
Download Open Babel

Open Babel software free download is a chemistry program for chemical expert systemmainly used to convert file formats. OpenBabel  software allows you to convert, format, search, analyze and store various data of molecular modeling, chemistry, solid state structures and biochemistry. Below you can see the capabilities of Open Babel software.

Key features of Open Babel software

  • Ability to read, build and convert more than 110 different formats of structure files and molecular information.
  • Search and filter chemical structure files in various ways.
  • Supports molecular modeling, informatics chemistry and informatics biochemistry.
  • chemical expert system
  • interconversion of many chemical file formats
  • substructure search, based on simplified molecular-input line-entry system (SMILES)
  • fingerprint calculation
  • 3D coordinate generation

Download Open Babel Software


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