Downlaod OVITO Basic 3.6.0 molecular dynamics simulations

January 15, 2022| Chemist
Downlaod OVITO Basic

OVITO software is a scientific visualization and analysis software for atomistic and particle simulation data. It helps scientists gain better insights into materials phenomena and physical processes. OVITO Basic is freely available for all major platforms under an open source license. It has served in a growing number of computational simulation studies as a powerful tool to analyze, understand and illustrate simulation results. OVITO software has the ability to work with various formats such as LAMMPS, XYZ, IMD, CFG, POSCAR, AMBER / NetCDF, PDB, GSD / HOOMD and VTK.

OVITO makes molecular dynamics simulations visual. Molecular dynamics (MD) is a standard simulation technique for predicting materials structures and behavior at the atomic scale. This type of simulation model computes three-dimensional particle trajectories, which typically need to be further analyzed in order to obtain scientific insights from the data. Powerful analysis and visualization techniques play a key role in this process as the simulated systems become bigger and more complex. Without the right software tool, key information would remain undiscovered, inaccessible and unused.

OVITO is a visualization and analysis software for output data generated in molecular dynamics, atomistic Monte-Carlo and other particle-based simulations.

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