Download Raccoon AutoDock 1.0b

August 29, 2021| Chemist
Download Raccoon AutoDock

Raccoon AutoDock software download  is a graphical interface for preparing AutoDock virtual screenings tool. Features and capabilities of Raccoon such as creating PDBQT input files, automatic ligand library processing (PDB, MOL2, PDBQT), creating AutoGrid and AutoDock configuration files and settings, ligand filtering and creating scripts for run and virtual display that can be used Used as an accessory title alongside AutoDock software.

Key features of Raccoon AutoDock software:

  • automatic processing of ligand libraries (PDB, MOL2, PDBQT)
  • split multi-structure files (MOL2)
  • generate PDBQT input files
  • multiple receptor conformations
  • flexible residues
  • filter ligands
  • generate configuration files for both AutoGrid and AutoDock.
  • generate scripts for running the virtual screening.

Download Raccoon AutoDock


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