Download WAVE 1.82 (DOW) water treatment software

April 30, 2023| Chemist
Download WAVE water treatment software

WAVE (Water application value engine) software water treatment it is made by DOW company. WAVE simulator software is made to integrate the design of ultrafiltration systems, reverse osmosis and ion conversion process of three parts and provides the possibility of comprehensive design and integration of industrial water purification systems for the manufacturers of these devices.

Before the WAVE software, manufacturers of industrial desalination devices had to use different software to simulate different water purification processes, but with this software, they were able to simulate all the purification processes at once. In fact, the use of different software to simulate the purification process resulted in the possibility of errors in the design, and the WAVE software has designed and completed the possibility of designing an integrated system with the prediction of errors, hence this software has created a revolution in the water purification industry.

Key Features of WAVE software

In the WAVE design software, the changes resulting from various water treatment processes are automatically published in the system design, while in software such as CADIX and UFLOW, the results must be entered manually in the operation feed, and as a result, the possibility of errors increases.

  • Flexible design using three different technologies combining multi-unit operation.
  • Determine the flow rate of the feed system or net product.
  • A powerful computing engine with the capacity to execute complex designs with high accuracy.
  • Improved water balance and interface calculations
  • Actual mass balance volumes and fluxes that reflect density changes due to temperature, water composition, and water compressibility.
  • Hydraulic limitations and regeneration parameters, which represent best practices, advanced product performance and application.
  • Default values for most parameters increase the design and manufacturing speed of the industrial water treatment device.
  • The ability to introduce special parameters to increase the accuracy of operational-cost calculations.
  • WAVE software supports UF, RO, IX and CCRO technologies to increase the efficiency of industrial water treatment device design.
  • The wave program is one of the most important design programs for industrial water purification of RO device systems.

Download WAVE 1.82


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