Download WinDrawChem 1.6.3

July 24, 2022| Chemist
Download WinDrawChem

WinDrawChem software free download is a free and practical chemical conversion tool in chemistry that can be used to draw molecular structures, browse and edit files in MDL Molfiles format, support fixed length, fixed angle drawing, and can use chemical markup language CML to support reaction analysis.

WinDrawChem Software Features:

  • 13C NMR forecast, based on Bremser W, Mag. Res。 Chemistry 23(4): 271-275
  • 1 1 H NMR prediction based on bonus law and functional group lookup method
  • Described in Pretsch, Clerc, Seibl, Simon, spectral datasheet for determining the structure of organic compounds; Springer-Verlag
  • Simple infrared prediction.
  • Reaction analysis: Gas-phase enthalpy change estimation, 1H NMR and 13C NMR comparison.

Download WinDrawChem


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