Download BioVEC v1.0 Visualizing Molecular Dynamics

September 17, 2021| Chemist
Download BioVEC

BioVEC software free download  is a tool for visualizing molecular dynamics simulation data while allowing coarse-grained residues to berendered as ellipsoids in biochemistry. The use of coarse-graining methods in biomolecular simulation is progressively increasing, mainly to circumvent the current time-scale problem that exists for all-atom molecular dynamics simulations, and to allow for the computational modelling of ever larger systems which address biologically relevant questions.

However in spite of this progress, to the authors’ knowledge no currently available program allows for the straightforward visualization the dynamics of coarse-grained systems with ellipsoidal constituents.

BioVEC reads in configuration files, which may be output from molecular dynamics simulations that include orientation output in quaternion format, and can render frames of the trajectory in several common image formats for subsequent concatenation into a movie file. Below is shown an example of a single stranded DNA, consisting of two blocks of A and T bases, forming a partial hairpin. The raw simulation data has been averaged over eleven consecutive time steps, to create a smoother animation.

Download BioVEC


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