Download ORTEP-III 2020.1 Crystal Structure Analysis

September 17, 2021| Chemist
Download ORTEP-III

ORTEP-3 software free download  a tool for Analysis of various crystal structures and crystallography in chemistry that is designed for the Windows operating system. ORTEP-3 software, which is an acronym (Orleep Thermal Ellipsoid) is written and designed based on the Fortran programming language, and displays images of crystal structures graphically in a graphical environment. . The images are high quality in the form of bullets and rods and help to visualize the structure of molecules and atoms and stereoscopic pair structures.

Types of crystallographic data can be entered in ORTEP-3 software and visualize three-dimensional structures and analyzes related to the structure of different types of crystal lattices. A variety of complex structures of crystals and crystalline compounds can be examined by criteria such as thermal and thermal analysis in this specialized chemical software.

Download Ortep-3


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