Development of catalysts based on interchangeable zeolites

April 6, 2022| Chemist
Development of catalysts based on interchangeable zeolites

Hierarchical Catalysts Prepared by Interzeolite Transformation and Development of catalysts. Interzeolite transformation has been used to produce a novel family of hierarchical catalysts featuring excellent textural properties, strong acidity, and superior catalytic performance for the Friedel–Crafts alkylation of indole with benzhydrol.

the Claisen–Schmidt condensation of benzaldehyde and hydroxyacetophenone, and the cracking of polystyrene. Intermediate solids of the FAU interzeolite transformation into BEA display both increased accessibility─due to the development of mesoporosity─and strong acidity─caused by the presence of ultrasmall crystals or zeolitic fragments in their structure. The use of surfactants allows for the development of the hierarchical catalysts with very narrow pore size distribution. The properties of interzeolite transformation intermediates (ITIs) can be fine-tuned simply by stopping the interconversion at different times.

DOI: 10.1021/jacs.2c00665

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