Tunable metal hydroxide–organic frameworks

April 19, 2022| Chemist
Tunable metal hydroxide–organic frameworks

Tunable metal hydroxide–organic frameworks for catalysing oxygen evolution. Now MIT researchers have developed a completely new type of catalyst material called the Metal-Organic Hydroxide Framework (MHOF), which is made up of inexpensive and abundant components. and The oxygen evolution reaction is central to making chemicals and energy carriers using electrons.

Combining the great tunability of enzymatic systems with known oxide-based catalysts can create breakthrough opportunities to achieve both high activity and stability. Here we report a series of metal hydroxide–organic frameworks (MHOFs) synthesized by transforming layered hydroxides into two-dimensional sheets crosslinked using aromatic carboxylate linkers.

MHOFs act as a tunable catalytic platform for the oxygen evolution reaction, where the π–π interactions between adjacent stacked linkers dictate stability, while the nature of transition metals in the hydroxides modulates catalytic activity.

DOI: 10.1038/s41563-022-01199-0

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