Download ANSYS Chemkin Pro v17.0 Build15151 x64

ANSYS Chemkin Pro software download with crack for Predicting and understanding the effects of chemical reactions on transportation systems, energy production and material processing is one of the key principles in the development and promotion of these systems. Designers and engineers of gas turbines, boilers and reciprocating engines, in addition to trying to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gases, must also pay attention to the performance of their systems.

All of the above is not easily possible and requires a powerful tool to use it to fully examine and control all aspects. ANSYS CHEMKIN is a well-known and powerful software for modeling and simulating gas phases and chemical surfaces, which is used to develop combustion systems in passenger cars, trucks, jet engines, boilers and equipment used in material processing. This program is very useful for simulating large types of chemical kinetics that require complex reaction mechanisms. Also making fuel formula and its reduction mechanisms are other capabilities of this software.

Key features of ANSYS CHEMKIN software:

  •  Simulation of turbines, boilers and piston engines
  • Simulation of reactors, including CVD and caliper
  • Simulation of various chemical surfaces
  • Analyze and improve the speed of reactions
  • Automatic improvement of functions and mechanisms
  • Measurement of combustion speed and extinguishing time
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