Download OptSim-K Boiler Designer v3.11

Boiler Designer software full crack license download from OPTSIM-K and KED is designed for the design and subsequent static and dynamic calculations of heat and power facilities (boilers, power units, etc.). It contains more than 100 unified elements (furnace, heating surfaces of various types, injections, turbine, heaters, pumps, pipelines with various types of hydraulic resistances, regulators, etc.).

With the help of these elements, any scheme can be assembled, for which in a convenient graphical mode you can select from a given set of icons of elements, move them around the screen, combine them with appropriate connections into diagrams of steam-water and gas-air paths, delete if necessary, etc. Some of the elements are hierarchical, i.e., contain groups in which other elements are placed. Such a hierarchical structure allows you to collect diagrams of the most complex objects without limiting the number of elements.

As a result of the program’s work, a mathematical model of an energy facility is created from the elements, which allows you to perform the calculations necessary for the design, commissioning and subsequent operation:

  1. Calibration thermal, hydraulic and aerodynamic calculations of the boiler in the nominal mode, as well as at partial loads and any arbitrary combination of input disturbances (water, fuel, air, injections, etc.). The inlet effects are changed by means of control valves, which can be controlled directly during the calculation manually or with the help of automatic regulators;
  2. Calculation of fuel consumption in nominal mode and calculation of gross efficiency for direct and reverse balances;
  3. Calculation of natural circulation in drum boilers;
  4. Calculation of thermal schemes of power units simultaneously with a complete thermal-hydraulic calculation of the boiler, which is represented on the general scheme of the unit using hierarchical elements. It is also possible to calculate the thermal scheme without a detailsed calculation of the boiler, while setting the flow rates and parameters of fresh and intermediate steam;
  5. Calculation of transient modes of the boiler.

OptSim-K Boiler Designer software details:

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7/10/11 x4-x86
  • File size: 10 MB
  • Language: Russian, German and English
  • Crack: full crack (unlimited system)
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