Download Schlumberger AquaChem 12 Build 20.23.0613.1

AquaChem software crack download One of Schlumberger’s products or Waterloo Hydrogeologic is a well-known company that is designed for those who deal with groundwater data, and its efficiency is for projects that need to manage, analyze and report groundwater quality data. AquaChem analysis tool covers a wide range of functions and calculations used to analyze, interpret and compare water quality data. This tool includes simple unit conversion, charge balance, counting and mixing samples for more complex tasks such as taking correlation matrices and geothermometer calculations. These powerful analytical capabilities are complemented by a wide selection of commonly used geochemical designs and diagrams to illustrate the chemical properties of water quality data.

Key features of AquaChem software:

  • Simple and easy analysis of water quality data
  • Integrated communication with PHREEQC geochemical modeling program
  • Calculation of equilibrium concentration (or activity) of chemical species in soluble and saturation indices
  • Flexible and easy input and output of information
  • More than 25 essential geochemical designs and graphic techniques
  •  Intelligent manipulation of non-diagnostic results
  •  Automatic geochemical calculations including water type, total anion, total cation, etc.
  • Extensive set of statistical calculations for water quality analysis
  • Process analysis, alert level, unexpected tests and more

Schlumberger AquaChem software details:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or higher
  • File Size: 213 MB
  • Requirements: Microsoft Office or Microsoft Access Runtime
  • Crack: Full Crack (unlimited system)
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