Download Schlumberger Flaresim v2022.3.133 (x64)

Flaresim 2022 software crack download From the Schlumberger company’s products Torch and flare design and simulation software is standard in chemical industry and chemical engineering. This software is professionally designed by people with experience in this field to be useful for professional engineers who deal with flames in the industry. Flaresim can model the thermal rays and noise emitted by flaming systems, including offshore platforms, gas plants, refineries, and chemical plants, and predict the temperature of surfaces exposed to the flame range. Appeared. This software can analyze the installation of flame systems with any complexity. Users can model tube burners, acoustic burners and liquid burners using the range of tools and algorithms provided by this software. They can also enter and report data in the metric units they want and can convert the data to other units at any time.

Key features of Schlumberger Flaresim software:

  •  Design of flame systems for offshore platforms, gas power plants, refineries and chemical plants
  • Complete analysis of three-dimensional burners with full flexibility
  •  Rapid evaluation of flame systems under different wind speeds and directions
  • Torch modeling with a wide range of audio tips, piper tips and steam or air tips
  •  Sound hint systems, pipeflar hints and steam or air hints
  • Working with liquid flame systems
  • Predicting the heat fraction caused by the flames of hydrocarbon liquids with different types of flames
  • A wide range of algorithms for calculating thermal radiation
  • Complete analysis of the three-dimensional shape of the flame with complete flexibility in the location specifications and orientation of multiple stacks
  •  Dynamic calculation option to evaluate results at different times
  •  Calculate the dose of thermal radiation received over a period of time
  • Calculation of combustion gas composition
  •  Calculate the required flow of purification gases
  • Ability to define several environmental scenarios to quickly evaluate the performance of the flame
  • system at different wind speeds and directions
  •  Calculate radiation, noise spectrum and surface temperature at multiple receiver points
  •  Draw network results as isoplate lines to determine the sterile level
  •  Customizable HTML reports
  • Customizable graphical reports

Schlumberger Flaresim software details:

  • Supported OS: Windows x64
  • File size: 220 MB
  • Crack: full crack (unlimited system)
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