Download Sidewinder Conveyor Design Software 7.2.2 + Crack

Sidewinder Conveyor Design Software full crack from AC-Tek it is a specialized software for designing, modeling and analyzing all types of industrial elevators and conveyor belts. Using this software, you can design an industrial lift for any situation. Designed elevators can include transporting ore, soil, construction materials, or simply moving packages from one part of the plant to another.

This software is based on DIN and CEMA standards and supports other methodologies as well. Providing quality and professional reports, determining conveyor geometry, integrated design system, designing personal idlers, supporting various raw materials and byway elevators, designing dynamic start, stop and emergency stop systems, calculating Belting tensions and measuring Pulley bearings and Shafts and calculations of alignment curves are among the capabilities of this software.

Key features of Sidewinder software:

  • Designing all kinds of industrial elevators based on world standards
  • Easy and understandable input and output of the software
  • Providing high-quality and professional reports in Word and PDF formats
  • Geometry design of elevators for different applications
  • Measurement of bearings and lifting shafts and calculation of Belting stresses
  • Calculate the exact size of angles with Overhung loading
  • Performing alignment calculations and designing lifting pipes
  • Performing Stock Pile calculations in the form of Live and Reclaim volumes
  • Simulation of active and inactive materials on the lift
  • Designing system breakdown and breakdown data and predicting conditions
  • Performing vertical curve calculations in elevators perpendicular to the surface
  • Integrated system design including the definition of forces, raw materials and lifting material
  • Designing all kinds of private and personalized Idlers
  • The possibility of multiple selection of raw materials and Byway design
  • Lift dynamic design including start, stop and emergency stop of the device

Sidewinder Conveyor Design Software details:

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 10/11
  • File size: 74.2 MB
  • Crack: full crack (unlimited system)
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