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SYBYL-X Suite provides intuitive molecular modeling for life scientists interested in drug and molecular design. With capabilities for small molecule modeling and simulation, macromolecular modeling and simulation, cheminformatics, lead identification, and lead optimization, all wrapped up in an easy to use, cost-effective interface, SYBYL-X has the tools and capabilities you need for molecular design.

features  of SYBYL-X Suite

1) 3D QSAR: use the power of industry leading CoMFA in a new way to generate novel ideas for R-groups – predict the level of biological activity or potency based on structure-activity data, Not just yes/No activity predictions;

2) Ligand-based virtual screening: search millions of compounds overnight – dont miss hits because you only screened subsetted portions of your database;

3) Cheminformatics: produce highly focused queries that avoid false positives using a rich set of 3D queries; on-the-fly conformational searching means you only store a single conformation of your molecules, keeping database size small and very transportable; and

4) Docking: custom tailor and fine-tune docking to a particular receptor site using information like SAR or known poses to improve rank ordering of ligands.

 SYBYL-X Suite Software details:

Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac
Software size: Windows 774 MB + Linux 742 MB + Mac 581 MB
license: Yes (Unlimited system)

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