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Thermo Scientific Avantage software download from thermo fisher for analytical chemists  with crack and license is a data system for surface analysis integrates instrumental control, data acquisition and processing, and reporting functions. A powerful data system is essential for modern analytical tools. Precise, accurate and reliable instrumental control is necessary for the analyst to trust the determinations. 

In order for the analyst to squeeze the full potential of an electron spectrometer, it is vital that he has a quality data system. Avantage provides instrumental control and complete data acquisition. The integrated nature of the data system means that the acquisition, processing and reporting of data can be included in a single recipe. Avantage takes care of the entire analytical process, from the sample to the report.

  • Based on the Windows operating system™
  • Easy to network, allows remote access and control of the instrument

Data acquisition

Avantage controls all aspects of data acquisition, if applicable, including:

  • Sample alignment
  • The spectrometer, its associated lenses and detector
  • Monochromatic and non-monochromatic X-ray sources
  • Field emission electron cannon
  • Ion cannon
  • Low-intensity electron cannon

Sample alignment

  • For X-ray photoelectron spectrometry (XPS), the system microscope image can be presented on the desktop computer.
  • Positions for analysis can be selected from the image
  • Markers can be placed on the active optical image to select the analysis position The optical image is stored for inclusion in reports. For Auger, a scanning electron microscope (SEM) image is used instead of the optical image to align the sample.

Data acquisition using the experiment tree

  • All experiment parameters can be controlled, in any combination, in a single experiment using the experiment tree concept
  • The various parts of the experiment are defined as objects in a tree
  • As the experiment progresses, the instructions contained in each object are performed When there is a branch in any particular object, the instructions contained in the branch are performed before proceeding to the next object of the same hierarchical level
  • the tree structure is similar to that of windows explorer directories
  • sections of the experiment tree can be copied and pasted or imported from other experiments the same way that files or folders are moved within windows explorer
  • The tree can accommodate multiple types of samples and experiments along with the data processing and reporting stages
  • The experiment tree can be stored and retrieved, offering a recipe for a particular type of analysis

Data processing

  • As an integrated data system, Avantage can process the data as a whole during its acquisition.
  • For traceability, all processing steps that modify the data are included in the control trace log
  • Avantage is unique for its ability to deal with XPS data with angular resolution (ARXPS data)

Avantage contains an extensive set of data processing tools, including:

  • Advanced tool for peak identification and chemical status assessment
  • Quantification, which can be automatic or performed using the data entered by the analyst
  • Fast and useful peak adjustment at any level of multi-level datasets (e.g., profile images and spectra)
  • Non-linear adjustment by least squares coupled with selection factor and analysis of main components for the treatment of large data sets
  • Creation of quantified in-depth profiles
  • Generation of spectra of areas of an image
  • Imaging tools

The software contains comprehensive processing tools, including:

  • The relative depth graphical representation that allows you to sort the ultra-thin layers to be determined
  • A thickness calculator for each layer in an ultra-thin layer stack
  • Generating a non-destructive in-depth profile of ARXPS data
  • Ultra-thin sheet thickness maps

Calibration and alignment

  • Avantage includes routines for calibrating and aligning XPS instruments, as appropriate
  • A record of calibration history is kept to ensure full traceability

Thermo Scientific Avantage software details:

  • Activation with: License
  • License type: single user and life time
  • File Size:  256 MB
  • Software version: 5.9925 Build 06702
  • Installation guide: Yes
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