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CoTherm software full crack license download a product of ThermoAnalytics is a specialized software in the field of coupled and multiple simulation. The multi-dimensional simulation of a product requires the definition of complex CAE processes, which is usually associated with long and difficult coding. CoTherm is a powerful software with a smooth and advanced user interface that enables engineers to combine all types of CAE processes with various simulations such as thermal simulation, computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, and one-dimensional linear Couple analysis so that a analyzed the product in a multilateral way.

The graphical user interface of the software allows users to view and analyze different parts of the simulation, including the definition, process, and results of the Copley simulation, without complex and lengthy coding. The main application of this software is to solve multidisciplinary engineering problems while maintaining the quality of simulation and data integrity. This software works based on TAITherm or Star-CCM Plus and needs a suitable platform to run.

Key features of ThermoAnalytics CoTherm software:

  •  Performing multi-domain and multi-string simulations
  • High integrity of tools and processed data
  • Multiple simulation and engineering coupling
  • Thermal and temperature modeling of products as a couple
  • Full management of simulation processes
  • Analyze and check the simulation without the need for coding
  • Graphical user interface and easy working environment
  • High compatibility with other ThermoAnalytics products
  • It has powerful solvers for simulation
  • CAE coupling with CFD and FEA and thermal analysis

ThermoAnalytics CoTherm software details:

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7/10/11 x64 and Linux x64
  • File size: 150 MB + 260 MB
  • Crack: full crack (unlimited system)
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