Improving Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) stability

April 5, 2021| Chemist
Improving Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) stability

Metalorganic frameworks (MOFs) have been recognized as one of the most important classes of porous materials due to their unique attributes and chemical versatility. Unfortunately, some MOFs suffer from the drawback of relatively poor stability, which would limit their practical applications. In the recent past, great efforts have been invested in developing strategies to improve the stability of MOFs. In general, stable MOFs possess potential toward a broader range of applications.

In this review, we summarize recent advances in the design and synthesis of stable MOFs and MOF-based materials via de novo synthesis and/or postsynthetic structural processing. Also, the relationships between the stability and functional applications of MOFs are highlighted, and finally, the subsisting challenges and the directions that future research in this field may take have been indicated.

Source: DOI 10.1039/c9sc03916c

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