Download Molsketch 0.6.0 Draw Chemical Structures

May 18, 2021| Chemist
Download Molsketch 0.6.0 Draw Chemical Structures

Molsketch Structure drawing software in chemistry as well as editing various molecular and organic structures in 2D. This software, which is designed for the Windows operating system and you can download it for free. draws all kinds of chemical composition structures and chemical formulas for you very quickly and easily. The structures drawn in this software can be transferred to Microsoft Word software in the form of photos or copies.

features and capabilities of Molsketch software:

  • Having a powerful and rich library of a variety of chemical structures
  • Ability to enter the name of the compound by entering the chemical formula
  • Drawing and naming compounds of organic chemistry
  • Ability to export images from chemical structures to SVG, PDF, JPEG formats
  • Support for OpenBabel software formats and libraries

Download Molsketch Software


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