Download OpenChrom 1.3.0 Data Analysis in Chemistry

May 20, 2021| Chemist
Download OpenChrom 1.3.0 Data Analysis in Chemistry

Openchrom source code Analytical chemistry software download for chromatography, spectrometry and spectroscopy. Data from different systems can be imported and analyzed, hence it’s a vendor independent software. Moreover, it runs under Windows, macOS and Linux. So the user has the choice to work wherever he wants, independent of the system. Originally, the intention was to create a ChemStation alternative. Meanwhile, it has become much more. Generally, it supports to handle GC/MS, GC/FID, HPLC-UV/VIS, FTIR, PCR and NMR data.

workflow consists of the following steps:

  • Load chromatogram [MSD]
  • Filter and optimize the data (optionally)
  • Detect and integrate peaks
  • Identify peaks (NIST-DB, user specific databases)
  • Transfer peaks to chromatogram [FID]
  • Set internal standard(s)
  • Quantify peaks
  • Report results

Features of OpenChrom

  • baseline detection
  • peak detection, integration and identification
  • mass spectrometric data filter (remove m/z, smooth data, …)
  • extensibility, modularity
  • native data file import converter
  • advanced GUI

List of supported data formats:

  • Agilent ChemStation FID (*.D/ *.ch)
  • Thermo/Finnigan FID (*.dat)
  • Thermo/Finnigan FID (*.raw)
  • MassHunter (*.D/CPDET1A.CH)
  • PerkinElmer FID (*.raw)
  • Shimadzu GC10 FID (*.C0#)
  • Shimadzu FID (*.gcd)
  • Varian FID (*.run)
  • Agilent MSD (*.D/DATA.MS)
  • Agilent MSD (*.D/data01.icp)
  • Bruker Flex MSD (fid)
  • ChromTech MSD (*.dat)
  • Thermo/Finnigan MSD (*.cgm)
  • Thermo/Finnigan Element II (*.dat)
  • Thermo/Finnigan ICIS (*.dat)
  • Thermo/Finnigan ITDS (*.DAT)
  • Thermo/Finnigan ITS40 (*.MS)
  • Thermo/Finnigan MAT (*.dat)
  • Thermo/Finnigan RAW MSD (*.raw)
  • MassHunter MSD (*.D/AcqData)
  • NIST Database MSD (*.db)
  • Shimadzu MSD (*.qgd)
  • Shimadzu QP-5000 MSD (*.R##)
  • Shimadzu Database MSD (*.spc)
  • Bruker/Varian MSD (*.SMS)
  • Bruker/Varian MSD (*.XMS)
  • VG MSD (*.DAT_001)
  • Waters MSD (*.RAW/_FUNC001.DAT)
  • ABSciex DAD (*.wiff)
  • Agilent VWD (*.D/
  • DataApex FID (*.PRM)
  • MassFinder FID/MSD (*.mfg)
  • MassFinder Library (*.mfl)
  • ABSciex Reports (*.txt)
  • EZChrom Reports (*.dat)
  • ChemStation Reports (*.ch)

Download OpenChrom


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