Download NBOView 1.1 Orbital viewer

September 22, 2021| Chemist
Download NBOView

NBOView software free download is a tool for orbitals viewer of Natural Bond Orbital (NBO) of s, p, d angular symmetry and relatively small numbers of atoms and basis functions, and now fully consistent with NBO itself. therefore allows you to display the exotic f, g orbitals and bonding motifs of lanthanide or actinide species, while also providing additional orbital, atom, and image storage for a broader range of visualization options throughout the periodic table.

NBOView  provides visualization modes to display orbital interaction diagrams in a variety of 1D (profile), 2D (contour), and 3D (surface) graphical forms. NBOView employs a highly sophisticated optical ray-tracing model to achieve “photograph-like” imagery for a wide variety of localized (NAO, NHO, NBO, NLMO, or pre-orthogonal counterparts) and delocalized (CMO) orbital types.

Download NBOView

Download NBO Software


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